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Budgeting on Variable Income: Your Ultimate Guide to Financial Stability

Variable income can be very stressful. One month you are living it up with your hard-earned income, but the next month leaves you wondering how to pay the bills. Variable income can be a total emotional rollercoaster and takes a real toll on your mental health. But listen up: you are not alone. A third of Americans have a variable income, including entrepreneurs, freelancers, commissioned territory managers, and even servers/bartenders - you name it! If you know what it's like to have an income

Toxic Credit Card Relationships: 3 Red Flags to Watch For

To best help us understand the power of credit cards, lets first talk about toxic relationships. We all know about them, and some of us have been in one. The beginning is the best part of those relationships, and the ending is the worst part. This article applies that same concept with credit card usage because let's face it, there is a relationship between us and our credit cards. We’ve all been there before - enjoying the convenience and perks of credit cards until they start wreaking havoc on

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