Our Story


Our Story

Hello everyone, Mana Ahmed here. Welcome to my corner of the internet. I am a financial coach. My core focus is to help people build day-to-day money habits. My daily work consists of recognizing what holds people back and what drives progress. The answer is different for everybody. The best part of my job is seeing how many people from all walks of life are growing their savings accounts each month, getting out of debt, and boosting their lives.

Through my one-on-one coaching sessions, I witness how people improve their finances through behaviorial psychology. No lectures, no more simply telling you what to do. Instead, we want to understand what you do and why you do it. By focusing on the root cause of your behavior, examining where you learned it from, and emphasizing personal experience, we can personalize the best action plan WITH you (not for you). That is where your budget and your life will boost with Budget Boost.

If that adds value to your journey, then I got your back. On my end, I will help by posting weekly blogs that I know will benefit you. However, If you are not doing your part, my efforts to help you will be futile. You can do your part today by subscribing FOR FREE so that you can set up a system that automatically delivers beneficial resources straight to your email once a week. Not only does subscribing show commitment, but it also removes barriers of relying only on your willpower to achieve your goals. May your journey be blessed and boosted through our community. Subscribe Right Now.

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